The Event Space Team
The Event Space Team



The Boss Man. Passionate banana loather. Proud father to Frankie. Peroni enthusiast. The chicken burger king. Globe trotter. Known as ‘Mr personality’ of the office.

James founded The Event Space in 2013 and has more than 15 years of experience in event management. He is a logistics expert and has worked across hundreds of retail events, corporate activations, roadshows, product launches and public events all around Australia. James loves a challenge and an out of the box idea!



But first – coffee!! Our token Canadian. Ultimate keto queen. Puns always intended. The Game Maker. Mumma Bear to all. Happiest with a pin wheel in hand. Master of the Margarita.

With over 10 years of experience in corporate events, Courtney is a project management specialist. She has extensive experience in retail activations, corporate training and large-scale conferences. Courtney is an expert in budget management and keeping to a tight schedule. With a passion for big ideas, she is always looking forward to the ‘next big thing’.



Nick… AKA Dragon. All about logistics. Surfer dude and long hair yahoo. Talented muso. Eco warrior. Very reluctant cat owner. Very proud frequent flyer.

Nick is a logistics expert. He has experience managing custom set builds and activations from conception through to installation and has installed hundreds of complex activations around Australia. He is a natural problem solver, both on site and during pre-planning and is passionate about manifesting events in the most environmentally sustainable way.



Our office english breakfast tea addict! Absolute shopaholic. Part time food intolerances (when it suits her). Passionately coriander adverse but a cheese platter enthusiast. Has an irrational fear of alpacas. Surprisingly a Formula 1 fanatic. Save the whales. Obsessive neat freak. 

Sarah has over 5 years experience managing events, from large scale productions to intimate specialised events. She has experience across creative activations, conferences, corporate events, retail experiences and bespoke events. Sarah is incredibly organised and is passionate about transforming out of the box ideas into successful events.



Mood board queen. Gluten Slayer. World traveler. Miss Manuka Honey. Interior designer extraordinaire. Lover of Linen. Cleaning our oceans one straw at a time. Constantly creative.

Chelsea began her career as a stylist, working across magazines, photo shoots, events and weddings. Chelsea joined the team as an Event Manager in 2018 and is passionate about event marketing, in particular brand experiences and activations. Chelsea has a strong talent for style and design and brings a new level of creativity to every event she executes.



READY? OKAY! Dog Lover. Passionate about pink. Corn thin obsessed. Really struggles to follow google maps. Would never say no to a cup cake. Our cheese board master. Pro Gin Drinker.

Bonnie joined The Event Space in early 2019, where she was quickly promoted to Junior Event Manager. Bonnie has a keen eye for design, and is an highly skilled at transforming an idea into a perfectly styled and executed event. She is passionate about creating memorable events that are seamless for her clients.



Bachelorette connoisseur. Parlez vous francais? Proud central coaster. Uber eats newbie and our office foodie. Tennis pro. Loves Fine dining.

Claire has 6 years of industry experience across a diverse range of events and has experience across all aspects of events including administration, styling and execution. She enjoys building a strong rapport with clients and is organised an efficient. She is passionate about creating unique and memorable events and always exceeds client expectations.



Demolisher of rubber Duckies. Wins the award for the cutest face. Can find a sunny spot anywhere. Silent but deadly. Did someone say food? Attention seeker. Loves massaman beef. 

Frankie has over 5 years experience in morale management across a growing team, and has a proven ability to nap at all hours of the day. He has successfully mastered the “puppy eyes” and is a master at trotting around the office with sass. His passions include playing with his rubber duckie and conducting lunch quality control inspections.