Sydney Airport


After a year of Facetime and socially distanced elbow bumps we wanted to make the Sydney Airport relaunch something extra special. And nothing says ‘welcome back’ like a custom, neon rainbow arch stretching across the entry-way! The journey began in the car park, with quirky signage and ‘travelled’ throughout the airport. We embraced our not-so-secret over packer instincts (we are Event Managers after all) and created the I Swear I Need It All suitcase photo opp. On the other side of the airport love was in the air with a ‘paper’ plane photo bench destined to keep returning travellers’ heads in the clouds. This series of activations had it all – a dreamy colour palette, cheeky signage and larger than life ideas. Oh, and of course, sweet and wholesome airport reunions (cue Love Actually opening scene).